This Too Shall Pass (2014)

3 Min. 55 Sec. HD.

Is it possible to be simultaneously ecstatic and miserable? Will this moment ever end? How I wish it would last forever. This Too Shall Pass is an animated short that takes an honest look at the extreme highs and lows of parenting young children in the 21st century.

Using 2D digital painting techniques as well as rotoscoped home movies, animator Kristen Palana tries to come to terms with her conflicting feelings about the joys and hardships of parenting two spirited boys in a foreign country. The animation is a reflection on motherhood, initially based on a poem that Palana scrawled in her journal while dealing with postpartum depression when her sons were two months and two years old. She tries to capture the extreme mood swings, longings, epiphanies, and anxieties that often color the lives of new parents who have been catapulted out of their comfort zones into a strange but also wonderful new existence.

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