American University of Myanmar -Case For Support

(2016) 1 min. 39 sec.

This video short provides an overview and snapshot of Myanmar’s only non-profit, non political, non sectarian university created for the benefit of the Myanmar people.

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This Too Shall Pass

(2014) 3 min. 57 sec.

Is it possible to be simultaneously ecstatic and miserable? Will this moment ever end? How I wish it would last forever. This Too Shall Pass is an animated short that takes an honest look at the extreme highs and lows of parenting young children in the 21 st century.

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Veggie Propaganda

(2011) 6 min.

Veggie Propaganda is a quirky, sing-song animation that puts a spotlight on animals, our relationship with them and their rights. This 2D fine-art/digital animation features original music performed by New York City band, The Penultimate.

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School Meals Liberia

(2009) 4 min. 30 sec.

A look at how WFP’s School Meals Program affects the children of Liberia and the impact it is having on the entire country.

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Larry and Roz (The First Date)

Larry and Roz

(2008) 3 min. 54 sec.

Larry, a 93 year-old widower confined to a Nursing Home, remembers a time when he had more spring in his step. Set in both 1943 and 2007, ‘Larry and Roz’ is a three and a half minute glimpse into one couple’s six decade relationship.

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End Child Hunger

(2007) 1 min. 50 sec.

This is an animated short created for the UN’s World Food Programme for their 2007 campaign.

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(2006) 14 min. 49 sec.

The oldest daughter of a New York City taxi driver has dreams of becoming a doctor. Can the future still hold surprises even when her life has been planned for her since the age of eight? This experimental documentary short takes you through five years in the life of Lucky Kaur.

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Yellow Ribbons

(2004) 30 seconds

A multimedia political ad created for

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(2003) 1 min.

This is a stop-motion animated short. A frustrated accountant, a large blond doll, and a surveillance camera join forces in this fun-filled tale.

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5 O’Clock Shadows

(2002) 4 min. 30 seconds

Fine art multimedia animation. A young woman battles a phone stalker in Brooklyn and a mountain leopard in India -all before the crack of dawn.



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