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2018-2019 Academic Year -Third Trimester

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75+ Resources to Get FREE Images, Music, and Videos For Your Projects

Week 1
Finish up Digital Illustrations in class. *Due online as a blog post this week

Week 2
Present Digital Illustrations/ Critique (Grades 8 and 9)

Week 3
Present Digital Illustrations/ Critique (Grades 10, 11, and 7)
Today: Introduction to Photo Retouching and Digital Imaging
*Photo to use in class: Download here

Extra Gimp Techniques You Can Look At: (My free YouTube video lessons)
Adjust Your Levels to Make Your Image Pop
Resize, Crop, and Reformat an Image
Adjust Brightness, Hue, and Saturation
Scale, rotate, flip, or transform images

Week 4
Today: More Photo Retouching and Digital Imaging -Intermediate Skills
If you want to use Gimp at home you can download it FREE here.
Another Photo to Use- Red Eye 
Photo: Make this Cat Thinner

Extra Gimp Techniques You Can Look At: (My free YouTube video lessons)
How to blur a face (or anything else)
Remove red eyes or blemishes
Whiten teeth and add lipstick
Fat to Thin Tutorial
Drop the high res. tif version of your last project here for Mr. James: Student Portraits Folder

Week 5
Today: More Photo Retouching and Digital Imaging -Combining images, removing backgrounds, image morphs
If you want to use Gimp at home you can download it FREE here.
Free online tool to quickly remove a background from image
20 Awesome Photo Retouching Tutorials in GIMP
Get inspiration here -Image morphs and Photoshop design contests

New Project: (Full description on Google Classroom) Due April 4 for Grades 8 and 9 and April 9 for Grades 10, 11, and 7. See scoring rubric. Create a print-res (300 dpi resolution, A4 sized paper or similar) digital image in Gimp or any other similar program using all the techniques you have learned so far. Some options include:

Week 6
Today: Work in class day. Individual Help. Show work in progress. Project Due at the START of next class.

Week 7
Today: Lucky ducks in grades 7, 10, and 11 get a mini extension due to Thingyan preparations this week. Project is Due at the END of today’s class. (**Grades 8 and 9 meet after Thingyan break. Your projects are still due at the START of next class.**

Week 8
Digital Imaging Critiques.
Introduction to Final Project: Independent Study. Develop and propose what you will create in the last six weeks of school. You can explore web design, graphic design, digital illustration, mixed media, a blog series, video, animation, interaction design, multimedia, gaming, etc. What you choose should be a worthy culmination of what you have learned these past 1.5 years in ICT class or an area you’d like to explore further.

Week 9
Final Project Proposal Critiques.
Propose what you will create in the last five weeks of school. **Convince your teacher and classmates to approve your project proposal so you can get the green-light to start working on it.
*Also, please give Mr. James a PRINT RES. copy of your last digital media project in this folder: Student Work Folder

Weeks 10-11
Work in class on final projects. Individual help.
Get the project details at Google Classroom. Also see: Scoring Rubric -Final Project Thalun

Weeks 12-13
Final Presentations, Uploading to the Blog, and Pizza Party!