Thalun International School ICT Training -1st Trimester (2018/2019)

2018-2019 Academic Year -First Trimester (August-Nov. 2018)
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2017-2018 Syllabus and Activities  (November 2017 -June 2018)

Week 1
Introductions. Let us know what you want to learn this year by filling out this Google Survey please.
Here are the instructions for our first Blog Post of the new school year. See PDF for due dates.

  • Free Software Resources: Some of the programs we will use this year for game design, image editing, 3D animation and more.

Week 2

Today: Finish up your Blog Post. Have a final draft by the end of today’s class

For those who already finished their blog post:
Let’s practice “learning how to learn.” In digital media, everything is constantly changing. It requires you to apply past knowledge to new situations and to try new programs by slowly following “recipes” or getting your feet wet. It’s OK to make mistakes. The important thing is you try with an open mind, problem-solve, and get better.
Let’s try a new program for making games. Godot is free and works with Mac, Windows, or Linux. *Download it at home too. For today, I’d like you to:
1.) Read this quick introduction
2.) Grab some earphones and follow along with this tutorial (pause when you need to) and try making your first game on your own. NO pressure. No need to finish. Just give it a try and report back to us next week.

Week 3

1.) We will go over Google Classroom, Thinkwave, and the First Blog Post Assignment
2.) See how the Godot independent game tutorial went. A Troubleshooting ResourceThe Full Tutorial
3.) Intro to Personal Infographics: 20 Amazing Personal GraphicsInfographic Resumes for Inspiration |
Brainstorming | Make sure you are signed up for a free Canva account

Week 4

Today: Infographics and animation: tools that make information easier to remember and digest
5 Tips to Improve Your Critical Thinking Skills (TED Ed animation)

Let’s go over your ideas and sketches for infographics in class and give each other good and useful feedback. Work on your infographic in class today. You can make more than one, but  remember that one very strong infographic is much more valuable than two so-so rushed, sloppy infographics. When finished, make a quick blog post that has your infographic and a short paragraph introducing it. You can talk about how it was to make one or more about the topic of your infographic. *Due: END of Class Next Week (Week 5.) 

Week 5

Today: Work In Class and Feedback Day. Infographics due as a draft blog post at the end of class. Check Google Classroom to make sure you addressed all the issues in the rubric.

Week 6

Free day for Grade 11. All other grades did not meet this week due to a field trip and Professional Development Days.

Week 7

Infographics Critique. Introduction to Web Design. What makes a website good or bad? Best practices.
Important Links:
Episode #1: A Website Redesign. Step By Step Guide
Episode #2: Site Inventory and Navigation Chart. A Website Redesign

Week 8

Please Read:
A Personal Website for Graduating Seniors

Please Look:
35 Great Personal Website Examples
Great Personal Website Examples

Sign up for this Wix Online Course FREE here. Do the first two lessons

In Class: We are going to look at good and bad web design. Making Site inventories and Navigation charts. Sign up for your own Wix account. Get started. Browse the templates. But DO NOT start until you have a site inventory, an idea, and a few sketches of the look and feel you want.

Week 9

In Class:  We will go over your plans for your personal website. Demo of the basics of setting up in Wix. Ensuring you have high quality content (images and text). Work in class time. The final website will be due Week 12 (in 3 weeks.)

Resource/tutorials: Wix Online Course

Week 10

In Class:  Going over the Web Design Project Rubric. Check in with work in progress. Basics of taking better photos and shooting better video. Websites due Week 12 (in 2 weeks.)

Resource/tutorials: Wix Online Course
Taking Better Photos Starting Today (VIDEO)

Week 11
In Class: Editing photos using the free Canva Editor. Work in class day on websites. Individual help. Websites due at the end of class, Week 12 (in 1 week.)

Extra Credit (2 extra points on the web design project): Please upload your BEST photos (*make sure your name is on them) for consideration to be used on the Thalun website here.

Week 12
In Class:  Troubleshooting and case studies.
Food Delivery Service
Fish Oil Mini
Green Circle Coffee Shop

Publishing your website. Adding videos. Work in class day on websites. Individual help. Websites due at the end of class. All websites will be graded on Monday, Nov. 5th. 

ASA: Digital Imaging and Magazine Design
A Bad Photo to Use
Another Photo to Use- Red Eye 
Photo: Make this Cat Thinner

If you want to use Gimp at home you can download it FREE here.

Extra Gimp Techniques You Can Look At: (My free YouTube video lessons)
Resize, Crop, and Reformat an Image
Adjust Your Levels to Make Your Image Pop
Adjust Brightness, Hue, and Saturation
Scale, rotate, flip, or transform images
How to blur a face (or anything else)
Remove red eyes or blemishes
Whiten teeth and add lipstick
Fat to Thin Tutorial
The Illusion Map Effect
Gimp Filters Cheat-Sheet
Free Online Magazine Maker – Flipsnack
Free Canva Magazine Cover Maker