Artist Statement

I draw the world not as it is but as I envision it could be. Inspired by my time living in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America, I incorporate symbols, icons, and patterns charged with cross-cultural significance. Infused with my love of color psychology and rustic, organic textures, my images aim to soothe and reinvigorate weary idealists. My images are a call to action to visualize better outcomes for our lives, communities, and the planet. Increasingly, my mixed media images have been evolving into global conversations, integrating patterns and symbols from every continent to become collective meditations on unity and oneness.

As an American/Portuguese digital artist and animator living in developing countries for the past eight years, my creative journey has been influenced by local conditions such as unreliable internet and frequent power outages. These challenges have reconnected me with my fine art roots and reignited my passion for “slow art,” which requires no electricity or screens. Each mark I make mimics the stitches that lovingly make up an elaborate quilt or the single frames that add up to a few minutes of animation.

In my mixed media work, I layer colors, lines, and dots using ink and acrylic on vellum or canvas. The drawing process is a form of meditation that enables me to tap into a higher level of consciousness and artistic traditions that are thousands of years old. I’m especially drawn to the intricate patterns and vibrant colors found in Asian and African clothing, baskets, ceramics, and local handicrafts made from raw materials. Western influences include stained-glass windows and the bold dark outlines and visual framing structures found in comic books. Increasingly, I’m now exploring how to create interactive, collaborative, and multi-sensory environments that blend ancient artistic methods with cutting-edge digital tools and technologies.


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Unity. Earth Dance Meditation | 18 x 18 in. | watercolor pens and acrylic on vellum | 2022

Unity: Earth Dance Meditation (2022)