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work it abroad

Work Your Way Around the World


The Free At Last series of books is available now on Amazon. Get started becoming the person you always wanted to be in the place you always wanted to see. Available in paperback or for Kindle.


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Soul Colors: Therapeutic Wellness Images

Using my special blend of color psychology and color therapy, these images help promote happiness and well being. Art prints, tech accessories, & more available.

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Children's Book: Lori Leak Travels to Paris

I recently created over 20 original digital paintings for this children’s book by Barrett Clemmensen Powell. It is about a young African-American heroine who aims to inspire girls to see the world as well as make their mark in it. Paperback and Kindle versions available.

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This Too Shall Pass: Award-Winning Animated Short

This Too Shall Pass, about the ups and downs of parenthood, has been screened in seventeen international film festivals and has won five awards to date.

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Still from animated film, This Too Shall Pass


I work on animation, video, graphic design, illustration, web, and interactive projects independently, as well as for clients and non-profit organizations. The vast majority of the work that I do is to promote positive social change.


I have taught University undergraduate and graduate students since 2000, as well as offered art and multimedia courses in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. I also teach online courses to over 35K students around the world.

Still from animated short, This Too Shall Pass


I specialize in taking complex information and making it understandable and applicable to every day life. Look for my books on crowdfunding, travel hacks, and living & working abroad now available on Amazon Kindle.

Kristen is energetic, enthusiastic, and full of bright ideas– she’s always the eye of the storm. And with her easygoing, charismatic personality, she makes a real connection with her students.

Carl Jablonski

Assistant Professor of Digital Media, William Paterson University

Kristen was both a Professor and mentor to me at the American University of Rome. It was in her class that I first learned web design, and I am currently a web designer because of the foundation I received from her.

Jenny Sharps

Web Developer, Accenture

Kristen Palana is phenomenal! She is truly an expert in her field, and teaches you exactly what you need to know. She breaks down complex issues into simple and understandable terms.

Dr. Nicola Kluge

Principal, M3N Consulting Inc./Education Management & Services

Kristen Palana is, without reservation, one of the finest examples of an art professor and artist that it has been my pleasure to encounter. I envy any institution lucky enough to count her among its faculty.

Steve Rittler

Associate Professor of Animation, William Paterson University | SVA

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