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Travel and Living Abroad


How to Make a Successful Move Abroad: Easy Transition Guide

Take the pain and stress out of your upcoming move abroad by using effective best practices for an easier transition.



Business, Entrepreneurship, & Crowdfunding


  Headtalker & Thunderclap: Boost Your Social Media Reach Free

Boost your next campaign, launch, or message by using free online tools Headtalker and Thunderclap to reach millions

Freelance Success For Artists: A Quick & Easy Guide 

Go from zero to hero in 1 hour building an effective portfolio, repeat client list, income, and reputation as a freelance designer

Crowdfunding Confidential: Easy Ways to Boost Fundraising

Learn to crowd fund online to raise money for you, your family, your community, or cause using simple, proven techniques.

The Most Crucial Workplace Skills You Need to Have

For recent graduates, new hires, and junior staff in the global workplace. Get the skills 21st century employers expect.



Creativity Skills


Skyrocket Your Creativity and Get Better Ideas: 7 Easy Ways

Learn proven methods for generating more and better ideas with practical tips you can begin using immediately.



Color, Influence, & Visual Communication Skills



Your Introduction to Healing Uplifting Color Therapy

Learn to use color for healing and energizing yourself and others through visualization exercises and meditations.

Life Hack With Color Psychology: Increase Your Influence

 Become a powerful visual communicator and more effectively sell your ideas, your message, and your products or services.



Video and Animation Skills


animation social mediaMake Powerful Short Video & Animation For Social Media

Learn how to use lean, mean short video and animation across social media to boost your online reach and impact.


Make an Easy Promo Video in 1 Hour: iMovie Spotlight

Create easy, effective promo videos for your books, courses, or projects even with limited time, money, or video skills.

Photoshop: Quick & Easy Animation Like a Professional

Become an animator by the end of today even if you “can’t draw.” Take your videos to new heights using Adobe Photoshop.


Web Design


Easy WordPress Challenge: How to Boost Your Site’s Reach

Learn how to optimize your website’s performance, reach, security, and layout to increase clicks, engagement, and sales.

Give Your WordPress Website a Makeover: Divi Theme Spotlight

Plan, create, and launch your dream WordPress website that will work hard to promote you, your services, and your brand.


Web Snax: Super Simple Recipes For Easy Website Design

Get a FULL web design foundation in one simple, intuitive course. Save and make money creating beautiful websites ASAP. 

WordPress in 1 Hour: Quick & Easy Essentials For Beginners

This simple guide will get you started easily editing and managing your own site in  60 minutes. Save time and money.



Graphic Design/ Digital Painting/ Illustration


Photoshop: Quick & Easy Digital Painting Like a Professional

Create professional-looking digital paintings using powerful brush tools in Photoshop, even if you “can’t draw.”

Create a Quick & Easy Unique Illustration in Illustrator

Learn how to make original illustrations step by step from scratch in Adobe Illustrator for the web, video, and print.

Photoshop / GIMP: Quick & Easy Image Hacks For Beginners

Transform your images and boost your brand. Stop paying others for simple image fixes and save time, money and sanity.

Quick & Easy FREE Image Fixes for Beginners: GIMP Spotlight

Learn to edit and manage your own web images the easy way FAST.  Save time, money and sanity using GIMP and freeware. *This is mini version of the more in-depth course, Photoshop / GIMP: Quick & Easy Image Hacks For Beginners.



 Inspiration/ Motivation


FREE: Women Helping Women to Succeed

Education, Entrepreneurship, Collaboration, Motivation, Support. This course was a collaboration with top Udemy women instructors for International Women’s Day.


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