In Veggie Propaganda, a number of facts and figures are presented. I have tried to list here mainly only the most unbiased sources that are from objective media, scientific, and non-profit organizations. Here is where you can learn more about the various claims in more or less the order they are presented in the animation:

1. Modern factory farms raise animals that live tortured lives and die miserable deaths.

Factory Farming is Not the Best We Have to Offer. – National Geographic (News Watch)


2. Factory farmed meat is full of antibiotics, dioxin, feces, hormones, etc.

Is Your Meat Safe? Antibiotic Debate Overview -PBS

Meat and Dairy Industry

Dissecting Another False Meat Industry Claim -Food Safety News


3. Farmed animals have the same emotions and intelligence as our pets.

Was Your Meat Smarter Than Your Pet? -ABC News


4. Non meat-eaters live longer than meat-eaters.

Does Low Meat Consumption Increase Life Expectancy in Humans? -The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition


5. Eating less meat is good for animals, you, and the planet.

6. Vegetarians save an average of $4000 on groceries each year.

Why Go Veg? -Vegetarian Times

Go Vegetarian to Save Money -MSN Money


7. The less meat you eat:


The more you look and feel your best:

Vegetarian Diet on Solid Ground, Experts Say -USA Today

12 Frequently Asked Questions About the Vegetarian Diet -Dr. Sears


The more you help end world hunger:

The more you help fight climate change:

Solution to World Hunger? Eat Less Meat New Study Urges -Winnipeg Free Press

UN Urges Global Move to Meat and Dairy-Free Diet -The Guardian


The more you help protect endangered species and their habitats:

How Our Food Choices Help Save the Environment -Earth Save


8. Eating less meat helps prevent chronic diseases.

Red Meat Raises Risk of All Kinds of Death -Study – Reuters

Meat Can be Murder on Long-term Health -Forbes


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