#3: Website Redesign. Step By Step Diary

Episode Three: Child Themes, Test Sites, and Creating a Diversion

(What’s that over there?!!)

Today I was wondering if by using a child theme, I could make changes to my website without edits being published directly and seen right away by the public.


But child themes are actually best used while modifying an existing theme, not changing to a new one. The benefit is by using a child theme, any modifications you make are preserved and not erased away every time you update the theme.

I didn’t use a child theme for my existing Deep Focus theme, but I did have a .css file in multiple versions so I could restore my settings without having to re-code everything.

So I won’t use a child theme for this latest redesign. I feel a bit antsy because some links on my current website are broken, some of my galleries missing, etc. I hate leaving it like that, but I’d rather my energies and limited time go into the new website instead of fixing the old one only to redo it anyway.

If you’d like to learn how to use child themes, here is a great tutorial.

And here are some options for previewing a new theme before you go live.

And here’s some great advice for making site edits and not wanting the changes to be seen right away until it’s ready to go live.

What will I do? Probably the old school method. Update late at night when most people are sleeping or create a diversion.

Look over there! Aliens! 🙂

Best wishes,