(*This is an ongoing little mini diary of the process of redesigning my website. Posts will be added daily or almost daily until I have a beautiful and functional new website.)
It’s actually a bit hard for me to stop and write at the moment, because yesterday I dived into Divi and am now fully using the new theme.


website screenshot


The first things I concerned myself with were deleting old themes, activating Divi, getting my menu and header to appear properly, making sure all my content was in place according to my navigation chart, and finally I started building the new homepage using one of the Divi Homepage templates.
I also was recording the screen as I was working so later I can make a step by step website redesign course that will be added as the last section of the existing Web Snax comprehensive web design foundations course. I’ll also make it a standalone course aa well.

So today I will continue to tweak the homepage, get some custom portfolios going, and be redesigning some of the secondary pages.

If you’d like to see the website’s current state, the home page can be found here: https://kpalana.com

Until the next post!

Best wishes,