(*This is an ongoing little mini diary of the process of redesigning my website. Posts will be added daily or almost daily until I have a beautiful and functional new website.)

When I have posted about my website redesign progress in my three online Udemy web courses, a few people pointed me to this article from 2014: If You Use the Divi Theme with WordPress, It Better Be Forever

The main gist of the article is that because of the short-codes used by Divi’s developers, if you try and change your website to another theme, all your pages will be a HUGE mess and utterly unusable. In other words, if you use Divi you become a Divi slave forever.

Ick. That doesn’t sound appealing at all!


Divi forever?

However, just like the ever-changing web, that fairly recent article is already out of date. Elegant Themes has a plugin that allows you to bring everything you made in Divi over to a new theme when and if you want to. (It doesn’t have to be an Elegant Theme either.) Also the article is talking mainly about those pages where you would use Divi Builder. For me so far, that was just the home page and a few secondary main pages. So even in the off-chance my website DID get messed up (not that it will), I’d only have to fix a few pages where I used Divi Builder. All my cajillion other blog posts and everything else would be untouched.

So in a nutshell, I’m not worried. Everything is fine, thank you very much.

Anyhoo, in the middle of my website redesign last week, they came out with Divi 2.5.2 (Of course! Grr.) I used an Elegant Theme plugin that I was directed to when trying to make the update and everything updated PERFECTLY with zero issues and zero reformatting to be done. No child theme or fuss or muss needed on my end, even though like the good girl scout that I am, I did make a child theme just in case.

So far Divi gets big high fives from me.

Today I will continue to set up the Bloom plugin for opt-in forms and also continue tweaking my new and greatly-improved site.

Best wishes,