From Phil Ebiner’s Online Course Masters series of podcasts:

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by one of my online course creation heroes, Phil Ebiner. He was the “whipper-snapper” that helped light the fire in my belly that first got me started creating my own online courses back in late 2014. His Udemy course and related book, Teach Online: Make Money Doing What You Love was a great help for someone just getting started.

He writes:

“In this interview with Kristen Palana, you’ll hear how this semi-digital-nomad mother of two is teaching the world with online and in-person courses. On Udemy, she has over 21,000 students and has built an amazing following. She has leveraged her time and passions to get in-person teaching jobs wherever she lives.

She shares her entire story in this episode of the Online Course Masters show!”


Listen Now (Podcast)

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In this episode:

  • Kristen’s back story
  • Partnering with other instructors to teach courses
  • The difference between teaching in person and online courses
  • Balancing a busy family life with her online business
  • Living abroad and teaching online courses
  • The two approaches to coming up with course topics
  • Advice for putting courses on Skillshare
  • How to use social media to grow your business


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That’s all for now, Wishing you luck on your location independent teaching journey.

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