Learn a quick, easy, and free way to make inspiring quotes and motivational social media graphics for your website, blog, social media pages, videos, courses, etc… like a pro.


Ever since I moved to Myanmar in 2016, I have taught for universities, schools, and non-profit organizations where expensive software, web design costs, and graphic images made by professionals are nowhere in the budget.

As someone teaching university students since 2000 and online students from 175 countries since 2014, I gradually started to tailor many of my lessons for people who are absolute beginners, technophobes, people without the money for expensive software programs, and those who prefer to find free ways to make professional-looking design in as little time as possible.

So this past year I created several new online courses focusing on just that.


social media graphics example

Watch the video below to see how this was made in just a few minutes


Below is a sample lesson from Make Easy But Powerful Social Media Graphics: Canva | Stencil. (*Stencil is one of my very favorite Canva-alternatives.) It’s simple and easy for example to take a favorite quote and turn it into a visual graphic you can easily use on social media.

In this lesson we’ll make a new graphic from scratch and explore tools and settings as we make informed design decisions. This lesson will help you gain insight into how designers think when moving elements around and deciding on colors, fonts, and layout.

If you’d like to follow along, just sign in to Stencil and join me at 1:22 in the video. After that, you’ll be up and running in less than ten minutes.

Have a look, sign up free for Stencil, and enjoy making beautiful graphics like a professional.



Get the full course (Make Easy But Powerful Social Media Graphics: Canva | Stencil) at a special discount here.

I’ve also taught kids between the ages of 11 and 17 at Thalun International School in Yangon using these same easy techniques. They had no previous experience and in no time, they were making beautiful and professional graphics.

Have a look! See more at our blog.


social media graphics
Created by students at Thalun International School


Are you ready to try it as well? Let me know how it goes. And feel free to share your work in my closed Facebook group: Creativity is Contagious: Make & Share Something Daily Challenge.

The idea behind this group is to share something new daily (or more realistically every few days if need be!) It can be artwork you made, a photo you took, a quote you stumbled across, a blog post, some writing, a creative list, or any idea you may have. Research backs up that the more you create, the better and better your ideas and projects become simply by increasing the quantity of what you make. I hope you will join us and share the good, bad, and the ugly daily or weekly.

Cheers and happy designing!

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