Design for social change. Annual report for UNFPA Malawi 2021

I love creating design for social change as well as art that uplifts, informs, and empowers.

Did you know that in the last two countries I’ve lived in, my academic field doesn’t exist in the universities? That would be Art, Design, and Digital Media.

In the last few weeks a few projects I’ve done for UN organizations in Malawi have been completed. I always enjoy using my art and design background to advance humanitarian causes. But more fun than that is getting to train talented Malawian aspiring creatives to do the same thing.

I wanted to give a big shout out and thanks to Nataliah Ngosiyane Govati, Ronard Kachaje, and Prince Kachiwanda who are three of the Malawian Digital Media Accelerator students I trained via UNFPA Malawi in 2021.

They helped me create over two dozen eye-popping infographics inside UNDP’s annual report that I also designed. A huge zikomo from me and here’s to more projects down the road. These grads are just getting warmed up and are eager to share what they learned with other budding Malawian creatives.

See what we made together in UNDP Malawi’s 2021 Annual Report.

Design for social change. Annual report for UNDP Malawi 2021
UNDP Malawi Annual Report 2021

And you can also check out the recent report I designed for UNFPA Malawi.
It also includes an image of our training that I held for UNFPA in place of teaching in a university.

Design for social change. Training for UNFPA Malawi in 2021 -Digital Media Accelerator
Teaching for UNFPA at MHub in late 2021.

What Else is Going On?

If you are in Massachusetts, USA, my show of 11 original drawings I made over the last year in Malawi, Germany, and Massachusetts at The Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River, MA. has been extended until August 20, 2022.

Get details, directions, and info on the show here. Or just drop me a message.

Fall River, MA. USA

In other news, a big thanks to Laston F. who got a print this week for his barber shop here in Lilongwe. He chose one of my favorites, the The Abundance Bunny!

Check out the Abundance Bunny art print here.

May your cup always runneth over…

Wishing him and you all an abundance of love, health, joy, luck, happiness, and yes… lots of moolah! (You deserve it.)

Oh Dear! New Work from the USA…

See this image more closely here

I also had a chance to finalize and finish two drawings I made on the road in the USA.

The image above is called Nature Emerges -Fall River Deer. I started it after seeing a doe appear on abandoned railroad tracks in Fall River, Massachusetts. It was finished a few days ago in Lilongwe, Malawi.

During my USA visit, I saw a total of four deer peeking out from the woods and co-mingling with human society. It felt a bit like feminine energy asserting its place amongst all the masculine energy of industry and commerce.

The solar orb symbols represent optimism and also nod to the fact that Fall River sits right on the lower edge of the so-called “Bridgewater Triangle” that is home to higher than average orb sightings, ghostly encounters, and paranormal activity.

Deer, especially female deer represent innocence, grace, kindness, and are thought to also be omens of good luck and financial abundance in cultures around the world.

I sure do hope this is the case as we even had one cross in front of the car (unharmed) when we were heading to Boston to the airport!

Speaking of luck..

(See what I did there?)

Another recent “Made in the USA” drawing I made is Make Your Own Luck Clovers.

See this image more closely here

The leaves of four-leaf clovers are said to stand for faith, hope, love, and luck.

Once upon a time, I taught at William Paterson University in New Jersey with an unconventional professor named Joe Van Putten. He showed me a secret field near our offices where many four-leaf clovers tend to grow.

He said, “Most people don’t find four-leaf clovers because they expect NOT to find them. But if you expect to find them, you will.” During my time at WPU, I found many lucky four-leaf clovers in that field, but also randomly in other places because I took his advice.

Joe passed away recently, but upon my last USA visit, I decided to check to see if the clovers were still there in the “secret spot.” I found SEVEN four-leaf clovers and one extra lucky five-leaf clover!

After my find, I only wanted to give away as much luck as possible to family /friends in need. When I ran out of actual four-leaf clovers to give, I made this drawing. It also contains one secret five-leaf clover which is said to bring extra luck and financial abundance.

Find these new drawings as art prints or in the gift shop (mini prints, shirts, mugs, totes, phone cases, cards, stickers, and more available) at Ma Kalulu Studio.

Well, that’s all for now.

Thanks for catching up with me and all the recent stuff going on over June and July 2022.

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