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Location-Independent Art, Work, & Life

I’ve been busy these past few weeks with making art, online and live training digital media sessions, and a new podcast interview. Phew!

My brother (Kevin Palana (Lawrence) of CAT Country 98.1 Providence, RI. fame) is the official golden-throat radio star of the family.

And then there’s my superstar cousin Fred De Palma topping the charts in Italy.

OK. I am nothing like those two! I get stage fright just turning on a TV.

But once in a while I do a podcast interview that is not too shabby!

If you’d like, have a listen to a recent conversation I had, the Art Ladders: The Creative Climb podcast is now available as Episode #57.

Artists Valerie Allen and Armin Mersmann invite you to join them in their studio discussions about art and the creative process. Each artist brings a unique perspective to the podcast.

Valerie, an abstract painter and Armin, a draughtsman working in realism compare and contrast topics on art that will help guide artists as they climb the ladders of art one rung at a time.

It was so much fun talking art, living abroad, and location independent work with them.

Listen here.

Location-Independent Art, Work, & Life

Meanwhile at the British High Commission

Sometimes I temporarily take off my artist hat and put on my trainer/professor hat.

We all need to think about how we communicate online, whether we are an individual, a business, school/university, a UN organization, an artist, or an embassy.

A few days ago I really enjoyed doing two training sessions at the British High Commission in Malawi. Hopefully you’ll see even more vibrant, visual, and engaging content on their social media pages moving forward.

I like to help artists and so-called “non-creatives” with their online presence, and have been doing so since 2000. Learn more 

And finally… Can you spot the furry Myanmar street cat turned studio princess animal blooper in this video I made yesterday for an upcoming online show?

I decided to just keep it as Amara’s presence actually helped me speak a bit more easily.

Finally, I was recently off to Mangochi for a Malawian communication/ public relations conference I was a speaker at. Yup. More social media and online presence. I really do love this topic. And Lake Malawi is always a wonderful destination!

Location-Independent Art, Work, & Life

Well, that’s all for now. Have a great day. And thanks as always for keeping up with my artist hat and all the other hats I wear!

Best wishes,

P.S. My 2024 Color Love Calendar of all new artwork from the past year is now available. Look inside!
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