social media for artists

I was asked years ago when I first started teaching online if I would ever make a social media course for artists and creatives that would go with my earlier color, web, design, creativity, and illustration offerings.

Back then (2015) I did not yet feel like I knew enough about the topic to effectively teach about using social media to enhance one’s brand, connect with your audience, grow fans and followers into future customers, etc.

Now, I’m not saying that I am THE very best social media maven in the world… but… I do feel like I have a grip now on how to use social media as a tool to complement and enhance my online presence and art business. I make actual heartfelt connections with people. And people often ask me about buying originals, art prints, and gifts after I post, with increasing frequency!

social media for artists

Getting Your Online Ducks in a Row

I feel like when we have all three entities (a website, 1-3 good social media pages, and a mailing list) all working together in harmony, magic can start to happen.

I’ve been busy recently working with artists and idealists (in-person and online) to build their websites, shine on social media, and stay connected with their email lists.

Last week I completed a brand new mini self-contained video course (*the kind you can take at 2AM in your bunny slippers) on social media and am also updating existing courses as well as planning upcoming lessons in 2024.

Here’s a sample lesson from Skyrocket Your Social Media Impact: For Artists & Idealists where you can also find more FREE preview videos.

It took me ages to connect all the dots, but now I can pass on what I’ve learned from my years of teaching, learning, and doing so that my students get the most useful information and can begin making improvements large and small right away.

I also have a LIVE, more in-depth, and customized-to-your-specific-needs online web & social media for artists course via Mastrius starting in February. Learn more here.

Kristen Palana - Course Web and Social Media for artists

Well, that’s all for now. I hope your December is not too hectic so far.

Who am I kidding? This time of year is always a bit crazy! Thanks for taking a moment to check in with me.

And thanks as always for keeping up with my art. I so appreciate it.

Best wishes,

P.S. I also have a mentorship group (live and online) for artists that meets the first Thursday each month.

ONLY a few spots available. More info-> HERE