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Custom Images & Photo Collages

I create custom images for your eCourses, books, presentations, and other projects in stunning black and white or breathtaking color. Styles include photo collage, line drawings, digital paintings, and hybrids.

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Book Covers, CD's, & Original Designs

Allow me to help with your branding so you best communicate to your audience. Book covers, CD & DVD design, posters, and logos are among some of the projects I’ve done for clients.

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Hand-Drawn Illustrations & Digital Paintings

I work with you so that we can get your vision for your project out of your head and into the world. Let me help you communicate visually and bring your inner world to life in black and white or dazzling technicolor.

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Plans and Pricing

All first-time clients receive a 10% discount on their order. If you don’t see what you are looking for below, please drop me a line to let me know about your specific project and I can give you a personal cost estimate. Bulk rates are available for larger projects such as books, websites, etc.

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For Existing Images
  • Let me help you with your existing images for your website, social media pages, and other projects.
  • Re-sizing, formatting, tinting, repairs, touch-ups, and other effects available.
  • Text or other elements can be included as an add-on.
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Custom Image

Photo/Collage (No Text)
  • Get a custom-made, original image done in a photographic or photo collage style.
  • Perfect for your eCourse, book, website, or social media pages.
  • Hand-drawn illustrations can also be combined and included as an add-on.
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Custom Design

(Includes Text)
  • Get a custom-made book cover, web banner or ad, poster, etc. done in a photographic or photo collage style.
  • Perfect for all your promotional needs.
  • Hand-drawn illustrations can also be combined and included as an add-on.
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(Image Only)
  • Get an original, hand-drawn illustration for your book, website, or project.
  • Bulk rates available for larger projects.
  • Text available also as an add-on.
  • Contact me to check my availability.
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Kristen Palana provides excellent work! Professional, reliable and cares about the image that she is creating to ensure that it matches with the customer’s needs. You will enjoy working with her!
Dr. Majo Jacinto

Department Chair - Business, Accounting & Technology, Briarcliffe College, Post University, Accounting Skills Now, LLC

Lori Leak Travels to Paris has been my dream. Kristen has made my dream manifest in brilliant technicolor with her gorgeous illustrations! Everything looks exactly as I imagined it.
Barrett Clemmensen Powell

Lifestyle Coach, Public Speaker, Author,

Kristen did an amazing job on my custom website headers and advertisements. She listened to my thoughts and then somehow made them even better than I imagined. Thanks for making my site look great! Deborah Wojcicki

Independent Environmental Services Professional, Blogger, Haunted Eateries of New England

I came across Kristen’s work and knew I just had to work with her. Kristen listens and interprets your desired outcome. The results speak for themselves; beautifully crafted images from a professional, caring artist. Sharon Ramel

Spiritual Guide, Yogini, Mentor, Healer, Shaman, Faeshan

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If you are interested in working together, send me an inquiry and I will get back to you ASAP!

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