About a half hour ago I was walking to work after having my morning espresso at the local coffee bar.  Today is the day I teach three classes in a row (with a meeting in between the only break) and so my wonderful husband is in charge of bringing our sons to daycare so I can get to the university early.

Last night our younger son woke up around 10:30PM and so I had to hold his hand (lying on the cold marble floor near his crib) for an hour and a half before he would fall back asleep. I got to bed at midnight and this morning I am also still a bit dazed from the cold medicine I took.

As I crossed the street and wondered which part of my bag will have the keys I need to get into the Multimedia Lab, I suddenly felt a car pushing into my arm. Surprised that it didn’t immediately stop, I yelped and then heard myself call out, “scusa!” as I began to be pushed out into the intersection. Shock turned to a flash of anger and I reflexively yelled out, “ATTENZIONE!!” as I banged the rear of the car with my hand several times.

At that moment I saw a little toddler girl about three years-old dressed all in pink in the back seat looking at me with wide eyes. Over her head in the front seat was her mom, equally dazed and then stunned. She looked startled and apologetic. I was looking at myself (if I were Roman and had a car and a daughter instead of two sons that is…)

People who know me well know that I am not the sort of person who yells at strangers, picks fights, or has road rage. One of my former colleagues in a LinkedIn recommendation describes me as, “The Eye of the Storm.” I love this description. If only it were true all the time.

As soon as the words left my lips and my hands had banged her car I felt a tinge of regret. But I was on my way and the whole moment lasted no more than a few seconds.

Mi dispiace signora. I’m sorry from one working mother to another. In our rush to do all that is expected of us sometimes we accidentally step on toes, or in this case, run other people down.  You were not fully paying attention, but neither was I. Such is the mind of the Mommy multitasker.

I forgive you for almost running me over if you will forgive my angry outburst. I hope your day (and mine) only gets better from here on in.