Some people visit foreign countries. I give birth in them.

Greetings from sabbatical-land. I know I’ve been quiet but it’s only because I’ve been blissfully busy animating, drawing, and writing.

I have a number of projects coming down the pipeline. One of them is a chapter in a graphic anthology called A Broad Abroad: Women Traveling Alone. This forthcoming book is a collection of stories about women at all stages of life, and for all reasons, traveling on their own.

So, what’s weirder than giving birth in a foreign land? Why, putting the tale into comic form of course!

Here’s preview of the first page in progress.


© Kristen Palana. 2014.

© Kristen Palana. 2014.


Q: So why is it called Grave Dancer?

A: Because the word for pregnancy in Italian is gravidanza and my mnemonic device for remembering that back in the day was to picture a pregnant woman dancing on a grave. A Grave Dancer.

See? You learn something new every day.