Today’s Episode: Incubate, More Research, and Maybe a Touch of Procrastination

(*This is an ongoing little mini diary of the process of redesigning my website. Posts will be added daily or almost daily until I have a beautiful and functional new website.)


Apparently I picked a new WordPress theme so powerful and so cool, it even has its own podcast and Youtube show.

Divi Nation

More than intrigued and not at all ready to dive in and start using it (no childcare yesterday and today is my birthday…) I had a listen.

Divi Nation (podcast) was released August 25th and is at episode #1. So if you really want to be the first to get in on something good, I suggest you have a listen too. It’s not just about the theme. This first episode was all about successful solopreneurship and had great tips and tricks about the theme, having a web design business, and the solopreneur lifestyle. It was definitely worth my 60 minutes.

I listened while taking a badly needed day off. I actually just returned recently from a three week vacation in the US, but was teaching an online course for the UN-mandated University For Peace in Costa Rica so didn’t really get too much rest.

TOMORROW though I hope to take the plunge and get going with my theme switch. I expect it will be temporarily uncomfortable as I lose all my custom styles and bobbles I have set up in my current theme.

Alas, paralysis by over-analysis isn’t going to help me either as I stand at the edge of this diving board.


I watched a little over 30 minutes of the awesome free Youtube Divi tutorial that Elegant Themes puts out. It’s 2 hours long, but I can attest that everything you need to know to get started confidentially is covered in the first 30 minutes.

I learned how the Divi Builder works. It’s got great drag and drop functionality that makes page layout a breeze. It also has modules that can be easily inserted like text, images, sliders, contact forms, video backgrounds, and too many goodies for me to mention here.

So, knowledge is power and I’m glad I watched before going it alone. Besides the regular Divi Builder where you can make pages easily from scratch, they have a cool library of pre-built page templates you can customize like About pages, various kinds of home pages, contact pages, …you name it.

So, if you check my website tomorrow it might not be much to look at, but if I get the skeleton right, I’ll be happy.

Hope you are well in your part of the world.