Thank You

Today was storyboard critique day. I was a little wary this morning to be honest because there were 25 people to review, but everyone presented well and most are ready to start creating animatics and gearing up to produce their “final” animations. We’ll see what they can crank out by December 21, but luckily they can continue without me after I am gone.





This is Kibrom, the student who took the critique photos. He is 33 but could easily be mistaken for 18. I told him that he would be carded in the USA, but he replied that he wouldn’t, because he doesn’t drink. He’s also one of the few Ethiopians who doesn’t eat meat. The other students think of him as an “old soul” or “wise man” and I would have to agree. In any case, he has been one of my much appreciated helpers and guides in my short time here.


So Addis Ababa University has it’s own campus dogs, similar to the “Pratt cats” at Pratt Institute in New York. This one below is a model and poses for students to draw her.


Messay (foreground) is one of the first students I noticed on Day 1 because he sat all the way in the back row. However he turns out to be a really engaged student and is already doing well in the course. I told him that in the US and Europe usually it’s the slackers who sit in the back row.


Well, I have been trying to learn some Amharic while I am here. Ethiopia has 80 languages and Amharic is the main one that is meant to unite everyone. Luckily (for my sake especially) English is the #2 language used for business and at universities.

I’m able to say a few useful things in Amharic like “no problem,” “OK,” “yes,” “no,” and a few others but I have really struggled with “thank you.” In Amharic it’s አመሰግናለሁ (amäsäggänallähw) – I praise you. It has six syllables and just would NOT stick in my brain. Finally after Day 4 I can say it and now that I can use it, it makes local people so happy. So I guess the effort was worth it.

Tomorrow after class the plan is to go to Harar which is an ancient walled city. I probably won’t be making any more posts until Monday so please don’t think bad things have happened to me if I’ve gone quiet for a few days.

Best wishes and amäsäggänallähw for reading! -K
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