Ready to Go Viral?

The average web visitor only spends 7 seconds browsing any given web page. This is why it’s SO important that you choose the right words that will help grab attention and get people interested in your blog posts, articles, books, courses, videos, and anything else you might have on offer. Doing a good job with this will ensure your content will be shared more often and may even go viral.

Enter my good friends, the headline analyzer tools!

The sample video lesson below comes from my online course, Easy WordPress Challenge: Optimize Your Website, Boost Reach. Learn how to optimize your website’s performance, reach, security, and layout to increase clicks, engagement, and sales.

The Power of Headline Analyzer Tools



Here are some headline resources I use all the time:


Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer Tool:
Proof That Emotional Headlines Get Shared More On Social Media (Blog Post and Resources):…
Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer:
Content Idea Generator:
50 Trigger Words and Phrases for Powerful Multimedia Content:

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I’ll also continue to add to this list. Have I forgotten a great resource? Please let me know in the comments.