Case Study #1: Come Hang in Yangon, Myanmar With Me (It Only Will Take 98 Seconds…)


Hello from my part of the world to yours. I just thought I would share my latest video creation. It’s a short video promo I made for American University of Myanmar where I am now a Visiting Associate Professor of Digital Media for academic year 2016/2017. They needed a video for their website and social media pages to help people understand their mission and goals and so a mere two days after arriving in Yangon in July, I found myself agreeing to make a 90 second promo video for them. (Later I got the go-ahead to add eight more seconds… and I used every one of them greedily!)

This project was a lot of work but also very rewarding because I got to explore Yangon and the surrounding countryside while also learning about the ins and outs of my new city and country but also all about a brand new university still trying to find its wings and take flight.

So after many takes and tries and visits back to the drawing board, here it is:

View video credits on Youtube or scroll to the end of this post.

One motivating force driving me to shoot all that footage was being able to show family and friends the amazing sights and sounds of daily life here in Yangon. That’s also cheaper than trying to fly everyone over to see for themselves, as nice as it would be to get a few visitors.

Case Study #2: Start Making Your Own Short Video Business Card


Well, if you too are looking to add short video or animation to your website or social media pages, I can tell you more about how to best write, craft, create, and produce them.

You could start by making a simple 30 Second Video Business Card. I didn’t have huge expectations when I made my first online business card, so I was happily surprised that after using mine as my pinned tweet on Twitter it gets liked and shared every day with hundreds of retweets since April!


pinned tweet short video


Here’s a quick tutorial you can use right now to get started:


This lesson comes from my online course, Make Powerful Short Video & Animation For Social Media where you can learn how to use lean, mean short video and animation across social media to boost your online reach and impact. You can also find discounted and free sample courses for my website visitors here.

Well, that’s all for now.  Thanks for reading and happy watching/creating!

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AUM Video Credits:

Created by Kristen Palana
Filming, Editing, and Sound Design: Kristen Palana
Cinematographer: Daniel Urrutia Carlos
Narrated by Amanda Win and Craig Klafter
In Collaboration With: Craig Klafter, Stephanie Kauv, and Amanda Win

Saung U Ba Than-Sein Che Yaung: “Instrumental Myanmar Harp”
Knight of Fire: “Global Resonance”
StatusQ: “Insert Flutter”

Copyright © 2016 by American University of Myanmar, Inc.