Poof! Let’s Turn Your Facebook Page Into a Stunning Website (Free)


If you have ever gone through the trouble of setting up a Facebook page for yourself or your business, then you can quickly and easily grab existing content and turn it into a beautiful, dynamic (and easy) website FREE using the top-rated online tool Wix.

Making a new website doesn’t have to be painful

It’s true that when you watch a video demo of Wix, Weebly, Odoo, Squarespace, and the other free online drag n’ drop website builders, they imply that all you need to do is a push a few buttons and ZAP… your new website is ready in five minutes or less.

Well… OK. You can make a site in just a few minutes. But to actually make a GOOD website that has high quality content, easy and intuitive navigation, and an appealing look and feel, you need to plan a little bit in advance.

Many people want to just jump in and start making a website without the preparation. But if you skip the planning stages, you’ll actually spend more time later redoing your website, reordering menu items, and fussing with images.

Let’s skip all that pain and heartache shall we?


Make a Plan Man

So now we are going to think about what content we want to have on our new website and what we DON’T want. We are also going to then organize this content to make it easy to find, logical, and user-friendly for our website visitors.

Here is my site inventory from when I was redesigning this website (my personal online portfolio). That’s a list of everything I wanted to have on the new website (and anything I wanted to take off.)


site inventory


The next step was then to try and organize the content so I would know which pages they would be on and what menu items I would have. Here is my navigation chart which works a lot like a family tree.


navigation chart


I wasn’t sold 100% on everything (especially my new proposed tagline) but it was enough to get me started.


So What If You Already Have a Facebook Page Then?

In this mini video lesson from my new course, Wix: Make a Quick and Easy Professional Website for Free we’ll talk about ways you can further solidify your ideas and how to think about which pages you’ll have and what you most want to communicate via your website. 

In it, I used the Facebook page of the US non-profit organization, PK Rabbit Rescue to gather content for their new website. I recommend grabbing the Facebook page’s most important information and using some of the Facebook categories to give you ideas for secondary web pages that link from your home page.

Have a look!



If your ideas are flowing and you now have a clear idea as to how you want your new website to look and function, the next step is to make one.

If you are a beginner, busy person, or broke, I invite you to take my easiest web design course yet. It was made with love for those with zero web design experience and no web design budget.

Scan the free sample lessons here at: Wix: Make a Quick and Easy Professional Website for Free and be up and running in just over 1 hour.

Also feel free to link to your Facebook page in the comments and let us know how you plan to turn it into a website.

Best wishes, happy designing,  and cheers!