To Lead is To Serve: New Elephant Drawing for Inspired Leadership

elephant leadership drawing
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Hello my weary idealists,

Are we feeling the burn or what?

Greetings from my part of the world to yours. And what a world it is.

Well, I’ve been continuing to make new work that aims to bring joy, color, and healing to living and work spaces near and far.

Here’s my latest drawing (This “action shot” is when it was about 80% done.)

elephant leadership drawing

“Plato told me that everything I needed to know about life can be seen in elephants.” -Ancient Greek Inscription

Elephants hold special cultural significance around the world, especially in Asia and Africa where they are native.

They are associated with strength and protection, strong leadership based on empathy and duty rather than ego, as well as wisdom, loyalty, good luck, and devotion to friends and family. writes, “These days, the world doesn’t have enough leaders who lead with empathy and who truly believe that to lead is to serve. The lead elephant doesn’t take on a leadership role out of ego, but instead does so with a sense of duty and love for her herd…As a family-oriented animal, the elephant reminds us of our deep bond with others and the interconnectedness of our world.”

Learn more about the significance of this popular cultural animal symbol by browsing the art print, original, or gift shop.

And tell me, what symbol, animal, or object has special significance for you?

This is an area I’ve been exploring all year (read artist’s statement) and I love to get ideas from others as well. You can let me know in the comments below.

Live From Lilongwe… It’s Monday Morning!

Recorded live a few days ago, you can see how I finished this puppy (I mean elephant) up in my mini live studio check-in. Watch video

What else is new? I’ve also added art prints and a few gift shop designs with all seven chakra paintings together.

This series of paintings, inspired by the life, nature, and patterns of Malawi in East Africa, can help one to feel more grounded, creative, empowered, loving, communicative, intuitive, and spiritual. Come have a look and lighten your mood as well.

Best wishes,

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fish with bottle caps Lake Malawi

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