fearless lion drawing

Well, I don’t think my new lion drawing is scary at all. I think it’s rather cuddly looking! (But I wouldn’t try to cuddle one in real life…)

A few months ago I was asked to make all the “big 5” safari animals in this style. Fearless: Lion Carving With Chitenje Bottle Caps is inspired by the wood carvings and textiles of Malawi.

The powerful lion is a symbol of strength, courage, leadership, and fearlessness in ancient and modern cultures around the world.

This drawing of a lion carving pays homage to the artisans of Malawi who make their living by transforming wood into majestic animals found roaming naturally in the wild in East and Southern Africa.

The background is a celebration of Malawian chitenge dress patterns (usually made by women) that are often wrapped around bottle caps and fastened together to make up-cycled items like pot holders and coasters.

The making of. -New lion drawing

Yourtango.com writes: “Lions symbolize strength, courage, power, royalty, protection, pride, authority, majesty and wisdom. And because lionesses are a pride’s primary hunters, lions are also symbols of female power, ferocity and family.

These creatures are both fearless and confident, making them symbols of royalty and courage. Male and female lions also work together in raising their pride, representing power, family, and protection.”

I also recently was in touch with Zabwino Goods whose sculptures also inspired my “To Lead is to Serve Elephant.” It’s run by Linda, a lovely Malawian woman living in the USA. Her enterprise makes it easy for anyone outside of Malawi to get a beautiful wooden sculpture made by a Malawian artisan. Learn more.

new lion drawing -Kristen Palana

Well, that’s all for now. I hope you are well in your part of the world!

Have a great rest of the week.

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