A girl's education drawing now in Balaka
These boys are all for A Girl’s Education drawing (and high-quality education for ALL)

Exhibitions in Boston, Berlin, and now… Balaka!

Hi! I hope you are well in your part of the world.

I’m so excited because my new A Girl’s Education drawing was recently purchased as a printed banner on vinyl and brought to the newly reopened Tithandizane Youth Support Organization in Balaka, Malawi.

And yes, while I have previously shown my work (animations) in NYC, Berlin, Rome, Seoul, Cannes, and other more “fancy” places, I am always most excited to see when my artwork is used for daily inspiration, particularly in schools, youth centers, hospitals, and wellness centers.

A Girl's Education drawing hanging up in Balaka
At the Center -A Girl’s Education drawing

Many of my friends and collectors actually contributed to the making of this Girl’s Education drawing image, so a giant THANK YOU from me! I had asked recently for suggestions on which school subjects to include in the image to illustrate what the girl is learning and I got some great ideas.

a girl's education drawing -planning
A Girl’s Education Drawing (planning)

This drawing combines my love of education, girls who dream big, color, and patterns from different parts of the world. Inspired by my design work with UN organizations over the past years, this drawing aims to show girls in every country receiving access to a high-quality education. The patterns depict (clockwise) traditional European, African, and Asian designs.

In the circles are academic subjects available for the girl(s) to study. This was an experiment in expanding beyond my previous creative visualizations at the individual level to show manifestations at the global and community level.

A girl's education drawing. 2022. Watercolor pens and acrylic on Bristol vellum
A Girl’s Education drawing. 2022 Watercolor pens and acrylic on Bristol vellum

Aubrey Duwa, Co-Founder and Director of Tithandizane Youth Support Organization writes:

Tithandizane is a nonprofit organization based in Balaka. We train youths in technical skills like tailoring, carpentry, etc. and life skills. We have received funding from Kristen and her family* before to help vulnerable community members have a strong and safe house to live in and have received other funds to procure technical tools for our workshop. In the pre-COVID era we have been supported to build a youth centre for the Balaka youths.”

*Donations to Tithandizane came through my sons’ crowdfunding projects and through proceeds from art sales from Ma Kalulu Studio.

Along with the Girl’s Education drawing, I’m hoping to make another drawing soon called “A Boy’s Education” and was told by the school’s founders that they’d like to make a companion printed banner and hang it alongside the girls’ one. I just love that idea!

Students at the Center in Balaka

A Girl’s Education Drawing – Animated

I feel that every child, no matter their gender should have equal access to a high-quality education. Alas, in many parts of the world, especially in Malawi it can be an extra challenge for girls. They are frequently married off young or become mothers before reaching adulthood and must drop out of school early.

Watch a recent PSA I illustrated, animated, and edited for UNFPA Malawi to learn more about the challenges that girls (and boys!) in Malawi are facing.

2022 Teen Pregnancy PSA
The script was written by my UNFPA Digital Media Accelerator students

Well, that’s all for now.

Stay well and wishing you all the best!


P.S. I’m starting to put my 2023 calendar together. It will be a collection of manifestations (creative visualizations) that help us to imagine better outcomes for our lives and communities. Learn more on what the heck I mean.

If you have a favorite artwork that you want me to be sure to give extra consideration for including, just let me know in the comments below. Thanks!