divine mother drawing
Mother | 18 x 18 in. | watercolor pens and acrylic on vellum | 2023

Oh wow! Thank you.

I was blown away by all the great name suggestions I got for my new image about divine femininity and motherhood.

What especially struck me were all the different interpretations of this divine mother drawing that transcend culture, geographic location, and religious affiliation.

Here is only a small sample of the kinds of names I received.

divine mother drawing names

So what will be her new name?

Drum roll please…

I received a wise suggestion from someone in a Facebook group I am in that has topics on spirituality and healing. He wrote…

“Beautiful artwork. Mother has many names. This work doesn’t need one. Keep up the awesome work!”

And I think he might be right!

Because of all the wide interpretations of the image, I think it’s best to just call her “Mother” so as not to choke off the possibilities for what it could mean to the viewer.

It was always my intention that she not be tied to any particular race, culture, religious or spiritual belief, etc. I wanted her to be as universal as possible. So… Mother it is.

So Who Gets the Divine Mother Drawing Art Print This Time Around?

So by NOT suggesting a name, I would like to send the free print to Laurence V. (*whom I will contact via Facebook as I don’t think he’s actually on my email list.)

Thanks again to everyone who wrote to me or posted a suggestion. I am beyond grateful.

And I’ll be sure to ask again the next time I need input from the hive mind on an artwork or name for an artwork.

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Wishing you all the best from my part of the world to yours.


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