Everything's Just Fine. (Nervous laughter...)

Everything’s Just Fine. (Nervous laughter…)

4th Birthday Party to plan. In-laws coming to visit. Three classes to teach. Younger son has a fever. It’s Registration time and 19 advisees with 30 minute appointments each at the University to fit into my schedule. Why do we only have three forks? Have to rewrite my program’s Mission Statement, Student Learning Goals and website text. Have to switch between English, Italian, and German in my brain for the next five days. Washing machine is jam packed. Can I fit anything else in? TV’s picture and sound going in and out. How much time does the bakery need for my cake order? Did I get the groceries for tomorrow’s dinner? Invite Rome’s Comedy Club and Egyptian animator friend to come and speak to my students. What is that mark on my son’s finger? Did I RSVP for the other birthday party this weekend? Gotta get the theater tickets. Forgot my parents’ anniversary AGAIN. Is there rain streaming through the closed and shuttered windows in our apartment? What readings did I assign my animation class again? Will my web students forgive me if I don’t have their quizzes graded by tomorrow? I need to promote the new projects at Aura’s House. Is the face paint for the party non-toxic? How can I animate at home if I don’t have the right programs on my computer or a space to work? Is it OK that an entire room in my apartment is devoted to laundry and stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else? Gotta set up the Capstone presentations. Do I really need to do pumpkin carving at the birthday party or just let the kids draw with markers on the pumpkins? Is my older son now coming down with something? How can I get the kids to school tomorrow if Michael has training in the morning and my class starts at 9? Do students really think I can answer their emails at 4AM and will this negatively affect how “available” I am in my student evaluations? Which clothes can I pick out for tomorrow that don’t require ironing? What meal can I make for Michael’s parents that requires the least amount of effort and yet tastes like I spent hours? (Lemon risotto!) OK. Off to get the bath and bedtime stuff ready for the boys. Ha! Take that. I DID write a blog post today after all. A “superwoman’s” job is never done. Lean in… but not too far or you will fall over.