Visiting Family

Hello again. I know you must think I have all this time and internet access to write daily blog posts but actually I don’t. I just try to communicate rather quickly if and when I can. So far I’ve been lucky enough to get online a little bit each day but it’s not a given.

Anyway, just a quick check in with mostly just photos. Last night I had dinner with an Italian and three Germans at an Italian club here. Sounds like the start of a good joke right? I always meet Germans wherever I go in the world. They and the Australians are really some of the best travelers.

14 15

Today at the school we watched more animations, talked about the (really amazing) Kenyan animated production, Tinga Tinga Tales, and did a bit of color psychology which resulted in a rather animated discussion.

After demonstrating more techniques in Photoshop and meeting with students individually to check on their ideas, flip-books, and storyboards, I decided to make a quick trip to the National Museum here where Lucy, our common ancestor from millions of years ago lives.

16 17

Since humans all come from this part of the world, I felt like I couldn’t be so close by and not pay my “family” a visit. Also, my inner science geek was eager to have a look.

Lucy says hello

Afterwards, I walked around the nice little sculpture garden of the museum just as the sun was about to set, casting a lovely golden light over everything.


Time is simultaneously going by fast and slowly. However, I am almost finished my first week teaching here. I have only two morning lectures tomorrow and Friday and then will take a short trip with Lucrezia to the walled city of Harar.

Best wishes and thanks for reading. -Kristen


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