“Help! I have an amazing still image for a film I’m working on, but I need to blur the face of someone in the background to protect their privacy.”


This is a common situation. Sometimes you have only one image but it contains children or someone else whose privacy you would like to protect. What’s the best way to handle this? Use this simple, free tool to blur a face in a photo.

There are many tools available for editing and creating images. One of my personal favorites has always been Adobe Photoshop, but then again, I’ve never had to buy Photoshop. My universities have always provided Adobe software so I can best teach and help my students.

So what else can you use if you are limited on budget and time and aren’t ready yet to invest in expensive software? Gimp is an excellent free tool that you can download and use on a Mac or a PC. What’s even better is that it has a similar interface and similar tools as Photoshop so if you ever decide to upgrade, the transition will be far less painful than learning a new program again from scratch.

This quick and easy tutorial uses the free program GIMP to easily blur a face in an image. Download it at https://www.gimp.org/ and feel free to follow along with me.




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