Do you know which essential image tools you can use in every imaging program that you will still be using 20+ years from now?


Computers, buttons, and software programs do not make the best art.

He spent months learning EVERY tool in his imaging program. Now his office just switched to a NEW imaging program with different tools.

People do!

But it is certainly useful to know a software program inside and out.

It’s just not crucial.

I personally have been using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for ages now.

But I’ve also seen many versions of those same two programs come and go. 

Let’s not even get into all the other programs I’ve had to learn (and teach) that also have come and gone with the wind.

Seriously, what would be the point of me teaching you how to draw using “Adobe Photoshop version 8.whatever XD super double plus good….”

…when they are just going to release a new version a few months later with all new features and tools?

Unless, I show you the most essential tools that you really need no matter what version  or program you are using…

The same tools I show my university and online students.

Even in 20 years you’ll be using these bad boys.

These are the same tools you find in any imaging program.

And you’ll become free to focus on making good images.

Software programs are just the tools you are using to make them.    

And in each software program are individual tools you will use again and again

That’s all you need to make beautiful images that inspire and captivate…

Use these tools now the same way you will use them in 5, 10, …even in 50 years.

The programs will come and go, but the way you use them, especially with this key set of specific image tools will not change.

Got it?

Software programs and versions come and go.

This video demonstrates the most essential image tools you need, regardless of which imaging program you are using.



Are you using the right image tools or are you burning yourself out trying to learn everything before you even get started?

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