Are you hoping to become more creative but just can’t seem to find the time during the day? Why not sleep on it instead?


creative sleep

Did you know that some of the best ideas are generated while you are asleep and not even trying?  *Related: 8 Famous Ideas That Came From Dreams (Literally.)

I can hear your argument already. “But I can never even remember my dreams! I’m not sure I even dream at all.” It may feel like that at times, but in fact everyone dreams.

Even if it feels weird or uncomfortable, there is a way to help you remember. It just takes a bit of practice and perseverance.

Your (Fun) Homework

In this activity you will put your active mind to rest and record your dreams in a journal. It may take some time or a few tries for great ideas to emerge, but the more you do this, the more you will remember and the more useful this method will become.


What You Need:

  • A notebook or dream journal
  • Pen
  • A few minutes each morning to write


How It Works:

Your goal is to just record anything you remember about your dream(s).

If you have trouble remembering events, then try writing down visuals or symbols.

If you have trouble remembering those, write down feelings or emotions you had.

If you can’t remember ANYTHING, just write down how you felt after you woke up.

Little by little the more you do this each day, the more you WILL remember and the more your subconscious mind actually cooperates with you to give you some useful insights while you sleep.



Now What?  

Once you have a few days’ worth of impressions, try to notice patterns.

If you have a dream that you react especially strongly to (positive or negative) it may be worth paying extra attention to its symbols, visuals, moods, and impressions. Consider writing down words, feelings, or visuals that come up as you recall your dream to further explore the themes that emerge from your dreams.


Other Ways to Easily Boost Your Creativity

You might also consider joining a supportive Facebook Group I also happen to run called Creativity Is Contagious: Make and Share Daily.

The idea behind this group is to share something new daily (or more realistically every few days if need be!) It can be artwork you made, a photo you took, a quote you stumbled across, a blog post, some writing, a creative list, a new recipe, or any idea you may have.

Research backs up that the more you create, the better and better your ideas and projects become simply by increasing the quantity of what you make. I hope you will join us and share the good, bad, and the ugly daily or weekly.

One of our group members, Mariana Abeid-McDougall also has a blog post you might enjoy about how she found a way to let creativity back into her life this year and how it was easier than she thought it would be. Have a look: Unleash Your Creative Self

Finally, once you are awake and have had your first cup of coffee, you might be interested in learning how to taking a boring old ordinary day and turning it into an extraordinary one. Watch the free video and learn more.

Good luck! Feel free to also post your dream journal results or let us know how it goes here in the comments!