Stuck on coming up with unique ideas for creative projects?

Have you tried the usual creativity tricks like brainstorming, taking a break and going for a walk in the woods, or mind mapping with no luck?


Sometimes the best thing to do is to stop thinking and just start doing.

There are thousands of free tools available that make it easy for you to get started creating images, animation, video, graphics, and even websites even if you have zero design or technical experience and don’t know where to start.

The trick is to use templates and guides to help you start putting things together which will then help you generate even more ideas. Even if what you end up making turns out to be a bust, you’ll be in a much better place when you try again.

Have a look at my very best FREE resources and tools. In just 10 minutes I will have you up and running making something new and exciting today. First here’s a quick video demo that will get you up to speed fast.



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Bonus: Make a simple and easy WordCloud

Here is one below that I made recently just for fun to add to my About page on my website.

You can make one about your personality simply by adding a list of adjectives that describe you and easily turn it into fun word art. Or, if you add a ~ symbol instead of a space between words, it will let you make a phrase cloud like the one below that you can fill with “Fun Facts” about yourself.



creative soul wordcloud


See? You don’t even have to draw anything if you don’t want to. You can’t go wrong with a WordCloud. Don’t want to make it about yourself? How about any topic you choose then? The more creative the better.


Word Cloud Generators


Too Tired To Be a Creative Soul Right Now? Sleep On It


creative soul


Did you know that some of the best ideas are generated while you are asleep and not even trying?  *Related: 8 Famous Ideas That Came From Dreams (Literally.)

I can hear your argument already. “But I can never even remember my dreams! I’m not sure I even dream at all.” It may feel like that at times, but in fact everyone dreams.

Even if it feels weird or uncomfortable, there is a way to help you remember. It just takes a bit of practice and perseverance.

Read more about how to harness your creativity from your dreams here: How to Become More Creative While You Sleep


Thanks for reading. Got any other easy creativity tips? Please leave them in the comments or post a link to your own creative work.

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