A Crowdfunding Facebook Launch Case Study and Review of Ketto.org

Several days ago a friend of mine set up a crowdfunding project to help a Malawian widow named Rhoda with four children create a source of income after her husband died in a terrible bike accident.

Rhoda (left) and three of her children. Visit the project here.

Originally, my friend Janhavi who is Indian, tried to set up a GoFundMe page, but soon learned it’s only for American citizens. After much research on her end, she decided to try the Indian Crowdfunding platform, Ketto.org.

Thankfully, by using my secret Facebook launch strategy on Day 1, this project funded in just a few hours! (*After helping complete over 100 successful crowdfunding projects on many different platforms since 2004, my techniques are tried and true.)

Watch and learn in the video below what we did to boost social proof (aka. create engagement on our Facebook post to help boost visibility without having to run Facebook ads!) , inspire support, and get our first donations.

You can also get a sense of the pros and cons of using Ketto.org. by watching this sample video lesson and recent case study.

This case study lesson comes from the full online Crowdfunding Confidential course,

Pros and Cons of Ketto in a Nutshell

Some Pros:

  • Visual, intuitive, easy to set up your project. Has a nice layout
  • There are no fees for donors. (The project owner is charged some small processing fees for credit card transactions.) Donors can leave an optional tip and can control the amount they give, even if it’s $0.
  • Accepts online payments via credit card
  • Donations must be $25USD or over which can encourage larger donations
  • It’s a perfect platform choice for Indian citizens or anyone doing a crowdfunding project in India
  • It’s professional, well-run, and trustworthy.
  • They have lightening-fast and efficient customer service.

Some Cons:

  • Janhavi and I never figured out if it was possible to add in offline donations. It appears offline donations are not allowed.
  • Donations must be $25USD or over which can discourage people who wanted to help but can’t afford to donate $25 or more.

We’re still in the process of closing out the project, so I’ll update this list of pros and cons as we continue to use Ketto.org moving forward.

More Crowdfunding Resources for Your Next Project

All in all, the project was easy to set up and because we used the fundraising tips discussed (in my Crowdfunding Confidential course as well as in my book by the same name) Janhavi managed to raise the first $100 by Day 1 and the project went over its $428 goal in just a few hours.

For more useful tips for launching a successful Crowdfunding project, also have a look at my posts:

A Better Path

Things are starting to look up for Rhoda. 🙂

If you’d like to talk about your own experience with a crowdfunding platform, pros and cons and all the rest, please start a new discussion in the comments. Your review will help all of us make the best choice for our next crowdfunding project!

Best wishes and thanks for reading.