First please do excuse the unpolished nature of this and perhaps the next few blog posts. In true Italian fashion, our internet company Fastweb (aka: Cob Web) cut off our internet service three days too early. This is the same company that took roughly six weeks to set up our service back when we moved to Rome almost exactly a decade ago,

So I’m writing at my favorite American coffee bar, Homebaked, in Rome, using their wi-fi, and of course helping myself to one last batch of American coffee and pancakes before we move to Myanmar in two days. I may be at the mercy of the internet cafes in our neighborhood, circa 1999 for checking email and communicating with my 25K online students over the next 48 hours.

Yesterday we used a moving company for the very first time (to ship all our things on a slow boat to Yangon that will arrive in about two months) and our apartment now looks empty and abandoned. Initially I was worried how my sons, ages four and six would handle the stress of such a transition. Gladly they are more excited than scared. They insisted on contributing to my video log on moving from Rome to Yangon in the last two episodes. So if you’d like, they can tell you how they are doing in advance of our move to Yangon.



This is from a series of video logs I’m making as I get ready for a move from Rome, Italy to Yangon, Myanmar with my husband, young sons, and grumpy old cat. My hope is by using myself as a human guinea pig I can put together an easy transition plan (and future online course)  that will make moving less stressful and more fun.

I aim to continue to write about my impressions starting anew in Yangon. If you would like to follow along please revisit this blog, follow the Free At Last Facebook group, or subscribe to the Free At Last Youtube channel where you can feel free to ask questions or give me your very best moving or expat advice.

Thanks from my part of the world to yours!

Best wishes,


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