How My Husband Lost Nearly 1K Twitter Followers Overnight: It’s All In Your Name.


First, I have to warn you that this blog post includes the word “poop.”

“Poopie Poopie Butt Boobie Butt,” to be more precise.

You see, I have two small boys ages five and seven. They have (thanks to me) mostly educational games on their iPads. In the evenings after homework and dinner and again in the morning before breakfast, they are allowed to play them.

teaThis morning as I was stepping into the shower, my seven year-old bangs on the door in tears.

“Papa says I can’t do iPad and he put it up on the high shelf!” he sobbed dramatically.

“I’m trying to get ready so we can all leave for work and school on time!” I grumbled. “What is the problem?”

“I changed the iPad’s name to “Poopie Poopie Butt Boobie Butt.” he mumbled quickly.

“Why would you do that?” I replied with my usual eye-roll at the goofy things boys young and old tend to come up with.

OK, I thought. That’s mildly annoying but why take the iPad away just for that? They are sometimes the only way to get everyone ready and out the door in the morning as it keeps the boys out of trouble for a few minutes while we prepare and map out the day.

So, I tried to convince my son to apologize in the hopes he would get the stupid iPad back so I could continue getting ready. My husband, making breakfast downstairs was not having it. Our son returned at least three more times before I angrily threw on a towel and demanded to know what the real problem was from the kitchen below me.

My husband, a Finance Director at the UN’s World Food Programme here in Myanmar is also a certified Tea Sommelier. He has his own tea blog, complete with a Facebook page and a Twitter following of almost 20K tea enthusiasts like himself.  He LOVES his tea blog and nothing makes him happier than answering people’s urgent and pressing tea questions.

“What is the problem?” I demanded.

“Poopie Poopie Butt Boobie Butt!” my husband barked. “He somehow changed my Google name and that was also linked to my Twitter profile. Now I’ve lost over 900 Twitter followers just overnight!”


I often write about and make online courses about what to do to be more effective online and on social media.

Let’s file this post under what not to do on social media.

So, if you too have young boys who are a little too smart when it comes to writing and being able to change usernames and passwords on computers and gadgets, it may be time to install the extra heavy duty parental controls.

Our son, once he understood that a Twitter follower is like a YouTube subscriber (he knows what a “golden play button” is) was horrified by his mistake.

He is of course, forgiven. And not being one to let any bad experience go to waste, I have written this blog post today just for my Man With a Mug. It turns out that  even I unfollowed him on Twitter thanks to my automated tools that keep track of who is and isn’t “worth following.”

Oopsie. I have since re-followed him.

So, if you love tea or just want to learn more about its rich history, flavors, varieties, and benefits from a real Tea Sommelier (and not a Poopie Poopie Butt Boobie Butt), you should connect with Man With a Mug on Twitter right away. We only have a few hundred followers to try and win back!  Thanks.

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